Kia Forte: Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) (Camera + Radar type) / Recognizing pedestrians

Kia Forte 2019-2023 (BD) Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) (Camera + Radar type) / Recognizing pedestrians

- The pedestrian is not fully detected by the camera sensor, or the pedestrian is not walking in the upright position.
- The pedestrian moves very fast.
- The pedestrian abruptly appears in front.
- The pedestrian is wearing clothing that easily blends into the background, making it difficult to be detected.
- The outside is too bright or too dark.
- The vehicle drives at night or in the darkness.
- There is an item similar to a person’s body structure.
- The pedestrian is small.
- The pedestrian has impaired mobility.
- It is difficult to distinguish the pedestrian from the surroundings.
- The sensor recognition is limited.
- There is a group of pedestrians.
- If a sudden change in the sensor recognition takes place while passing through a speed bump,
- When the vehicle is severely shaken,
- When driving around a circular intersection or traffic circle while following a vehicle in front.
- If the front of the camera lens is contaminated by front glass tinting, film, water repellent coating, damage on glass, or foreign matter (sticker, insect, etc.)
- The radar, camera, or camera lens is damaged.
- If the headlights of a vehicle are not used at night or in a tunnel section, or the light is too weak
- If street light or the light of a vehicle coming from a opposite direction is reflected or when sunlight is reflected by water on the road surface
- When back light is projected in the direction of the vehicle's motion (including the headlights of vehicles)
- When road signs, shadows on the road, tunnel entrances, toll gates, or partial pavement affect the system.
- If the windshield has moisture on its surface or if the windshield freezes.
- Driving in the fog.
- When objects are out of the sensing range of the sensor or radar.



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