Kia Forte: Engine Control System / Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV)

Kia Forte 2019-2024 (BD) Service Manual / Engine Control / Fuel System / Engine Control System / Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV)


Coil Resistance (Ω)
0.5 [20°C(68°F)]

Description and operation

Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV) is installed on the high pressure fuel pump and controls fuel flow flowing into the injectors in accordance with the ECM signal calculated based on various engine condition.

Schematic diagrams
Circuit Diagram

Harness Connector

Repair procedures

Turn the ignition switch OFF and disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal.


Disconnect the fuel pressure control valve connector.


Measure resistance between the fuel pressure control valve terminals 1 and 2.


Check that the resistance is within the specification.

Specification: 0.5 Ω [20°C(68°F)]

Removal & Installation

The fuel pressure regulator valve cannot be replaced as a unit. Replace it as high pressure fuel pump assembly.

(Refer to Fuel Delivery System - "High Pressure Fuel Pump".)

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