Kia Forte: Body Electrical System / Charging System

Kia Forte 2019-2021 (BD) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Charging System

Components and components location

1. Wireless power charger (WPC)
2. Wireless Charging indicator
3. Front USB charger
4. Rear USB charger
5. Integrated body control unit (IBU)

ESCL(Electronic Steering Column Lock)
Schematic diagrams Connector and Terminal funciton Repair procedures Removal 1. Disconnect the negative(-) battery terminal. 2. Re ...

Wireless Power Charger (WPC)
Specifications Specifications Items Specification Rated voltage DC 13.5 V Operating voltage DC 8.5 - ...

Other information:

Kia Forte 2019-2021 (BD) Owners Manual: Limp home (override) procedure

When you turn the ignition switch to the ON position, if the immobilizer indicator () goes off after blinking 5 times, your transponder equipped in the ignition key is out of order. You cannot start the engine without the limp home procedure. To start the engine, you have to input yo ...

Kia Forte 2019-2021 (BD) Owners Manual: Installing a Child Restraint System (CRS)

After selecting a proper child seat for your child, check to make sure it fits properly in your vehicle. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when installing the child seat. Note these general steps when installing the seat to your vehicle: Properly secure the child ...

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