Kia Forte: Body Electrical System / Rear View Monitor (RVM)

Kia Forte 2019-2024 (BD) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Rear View Monitor (RVM)

Components and components location

1. Rear view camera
2. Trunk lid handle
3. AVN monitor
4. Steering angle sensor


1. Rear view camera
2. Tailgate lid handle
3. AVN monitor
4. Steering angle sensor

Description and operation

To display back of the vehicle to assist the driver, it receives vehicle rearside image signal from the rear view monitor and displays it on AVN monitor or LHS of inside rearview mirror.


Rear view monitor is a supplementary device that displays dead zone on monitor screen that automatically operates when the gear stays in "R" for over 3 seconds.


It displays the estimated trajectory with parking guideline in accordance with the operating angle of steering wheel. (There is no separate unit.)

System Structure (Rear view monitor operated by steering)

Schematic diagrams
Connector and Terminal Function

Circuit Diagram

Repair procedures

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Remove the trunk lid trim.

(Refer to Body - "Trunk Lid Trim")


Remove the inside rear combination lamp.

(Refer to Lighting System - "Rear Combination Lamp")


Disconnect the connector (A) and then remove the trunk lid back panel (C) by loosening the nuts (B).


Disconnect the connector (A) and then remove the rear view camera&trunk lid handle assembly (B) after loosening the screws.


Remove the rear view camera (A) by loosening the screw from the trunk lid handle (B).


Disconnect the negative battery terminal.


Remove the tailgate back panel

(Refer to Body - "Tailgate Back Panel")


Loosen the tailgate garnish bracket mounting screws.


Remove the tailgate garnish bracket (B) by pushing the retaining hooks (A) in the direction of the arrow.


Be careful not to damage the retaining hooks (A).


Disconnect the rear view camera connector (A).


Remove the license plate lamp socket (A) by rotating it in the counterclockwise.




Remove the tailgate garnish back panel (A) after loosening the mounting screws.


Disconnect the tailgate lid handle connector (A).


Remove the rear view camera & tailgate lid handle assembly (A) after loosening the mounting screws.


Loosen the rear view camera (A) mounting screws.


Remove the rear view camera (A) from the tailgate lid handle (B).


Install in the reverse order of removal.

Diagnosis procedure of each symptom

AVN monitor turns to black/blue
R-1, R-2
Parking guide line and notification word have not shown
Vehicle has been slanted/leaned during parking
R-3, R-4
Trouble on the shown angle
Difference of right/left bumper visible sight
Parking guidence line has been leaned (left/right deviation happened)
Vehicle has been slanted during parking
Inflow of water in lens
Blurred video
Damaged of lens coating
Showed red colored video

R-1. Inspect in following order when black screen has been occurred(camera - AVN direct connection specification)

R-2. Check the camera


Measure the vedio display waveform and output voltage of rear camera (using KDS VMI).

Connect connector 2 - connector 7.

Spec : 0.8V - 1.2V


Measure the output voltage of rear camera power source.

Connect connector1-connector7.

Spec : 6.0V - 7.0V

R-3. Check the symptom related to place of camera installation

R-4. Slanted/leaned during parking


Check the condition of installing camera.

Camera has been operating normally.
Check number 2.


Measure the deviation of slanted/leaned druing parking.

SPEC : ± 10㎝ (Front Wheel-Rear Wheel)

Camera is operating normally.
Replace the camera.


Check the different distance between front/rear wheel and parking line.

Being slanted and leaned can be happened depending on driver.

R-5. Check monitor quality


Check the vehicle has installed genuine camera because the monitor output quality could be bad or have functioning problem if the vehicle has installed customizing camera.

Not available to use warranty repair on replacement of camera caused by careless using(cleaned with unathuorized cleaner and damaged from foreign object) or installing customized goods.


Must use water or clean cloth to clean the exterior of camera lens.

Check whether the same problem has been occurred or not after checking the condition on surface of camera lens and get rid of foreign object

The phenomenon that the camera lens coating has peeled out can be happened If the vehicle has cleaned with strong acidity cleaner.

The phenomenon that the camera lens crack can be happened if the vehicle has gotten damaged from foreign object such as pebble.


Red light has been displayed caused of applying rear tail lamp luminous surface led design.

It can be happened because of the red light that comes out of rear tail lamp and break light flows into rear camera in sealed space at night.

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