Kia Forte: Manual transmission / Using the clutch, Downshifting

Kia Forte 2019-2022 (BD) Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Manual transmission / Using the clutch, Downshifting

Using the clutch

The clutch should be pressed all the way to the floor before shifting, then released slowly. The clutch pedal should always be fully released while driving. Do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving. This can cause unnecessary wear. Do not partially engage the clutch to hold the vehicle on an incline. This causes unnecessary wear. Use the foot brake or parking brake to hold the vehicle on an incline. Do not operate the clutch pedal rapidly and repeatedly.


When operating the clutch pedal, press the clutch pedal down fully. If you don’t press the clutch pedal fully, the clutch may be damaged or noise may occur.


When you must slow down in heavy traffic or while driving up steep hills, downshift before the engine starts to labor. Downshifting reduces the chance of stalling and gives better acceleration when you again need to increase your speed. When the vehicle is traveling down steep hills, downshifting helps maintain safe speed and prolongs brake life.

WARNING - Using the clutch

Depress the clutch pedal as far as possible. Be aware not to apply the pedal again before it returns to the normal position. If the pedal is repeatedly depressed before returning to its normal position, the clutch system might be damaged.

Do not overload the vehicle. Starting or driving a vehicle in this situation generates too much frictional heat to the clutch disk which might cause damage to the clutch cover and disk.

When starting the vehicle or driving backwards, releasing the clutch pedal too soon after shifting the lever might turn off the engine and lead to an accident.

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