Kia Forte: Driving your vehicle / Drive mode integrated control system

Kia Forte 2019-2020 (BD) Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Drive mode integrated control system

The drive mode may be selected according to the driver's preference or road condition.

The mode changes whenever the DRIVE MODE button is pressed.

The driving mode will be set to NORMAL mode when the engine is restarted. If is in SMART/NORMAL mode, NORMAL mode will be set when the engine is restarted.

SMART mode

SMART mode selects the proper driving mode among ECO, NORMAL and SPORT by judging the driver's driving habits (i.e. mild or dynamic) from the brake pedal depression or the steering wheel operation.


Various driving situations which you may encounter in SMART mode

Limitation of SMART mode

The SMART mode may be limited in following situations. (The OFF indicator illuminates in those situations.)

SPORT mode

SPORT mode focuses on dynamic driving by automatically adjusting the steering wheel, engine and transmission system.

• If the system is activated:

- While holding vehicle speed, it maintains the gear and RPM for some time even though the accelerator pedal is not depressed.
- Up-shifting is delayed.


In Sport drive mode, the fuel efficiency may decrease.

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