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The airbag module disposal procedure
The airbag module disposal procedure

If equipped with an airbag to scrapping the equipment, such as airbags and safety belt pretensioners deploy a vehicle airbag device should be sure first. In addition, when to deploy the air bag device and to be deployed by a qualified technician to an airbag device used it should not be mounted on different vehicles, so re-use is not possible.


If you do not deploy the airbag to be deployed in an accident, it may cause serious injury, it must be discarded after deployment.

When the vehicle is disposed of the air bag module is to be developed in the state in principle, installed in the vehicle. Except unavoidable it does not remove the air bag module.

If the air bag due to the repair / replacement (accident repair, warranty repair, etc.) Remove the airbag module in the vehicle it should be deployed outside the vehicle by reference to the relevant instructions.

(It can lead to vehicle damage when to deploy the air bag module within the vehicle.)

The airbag module does not decompose

The airbag module from being damaged.

Do not drop the air bag modules.

The airbag module is deployed it must be carried out on flat ground with no risk factors.

When deploying the airbag device and an operation on at least 7m away from the airbag device.

Explosions carried out in a place that does the damage go around because it occurs when the airbag device is deployed.

Because smoking can cause the air bag module during re-expansion is carried out in a place without proper ventilation and smoke detector in the vicinity.

When deploying the airbag device, always use the specified special tools, carried out in the absence of electrical noise

Always work when deployed protective gloves, safety glasses, wear earplugs

When the airbag device is deployed so very hot to touch and heat and then passed on for at least 30 minutes to cool

Do not enter the water to the deployed air bag module.

Discard the deployed air bag module securely sealed and then placed in a sturdy plastic bag.

Deployment, Wash your hands with soap and water after repackaging and disposal operations are completed.

The airbag module Disposal Tools and Equipment Needed





Wheel rims equipped with tires 2
(Top / bottom)

Waste tire wheel rim is not mounted 3

Rope Strap / Ratchet Strap
(Equipment used to connect the airbag module and the tire according to the deployment procedure described)

12V battery

Deployed within the vehicle


Turn the ignition switch to the battery (-) Remove the terminal and wait at least 3 minutes or more.


Make sure that each of the airbag device is mounted securely


The following should be ready to deploy the air bag device.


Remove the 2-pin connector of the air bag to be deployed inside the vehicle


Connect airbag adapter only.

Remove the 2-pin connector on the driver's airbag and connect the adapter for deployment to Replace the steering wheel.


The operator is positioned away from the vehicle at least 7m.


Connect the special tool (0957A-34100A) for airbag deployment and the deployment adapters for connection to an external battery for deployment


The battery (12V)


special tool for airbag deployment (0957A-34100A)


Adapter for deployment

Driver Airbag, safety belts, passenger airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags pretensioner, anchor pretensioner (0K57A-3U100A)


By operating the switch of a tool for deploying the air bag deployment thereby the air bag device.


When the top connected to a battery (12V), the POWER ON (1) is on.


If, hold down the READY (2) READY (2) is lit, press DEPLOY (3) thereby deploying the airbag.


When the air bag is great visually check that the noise generated when deployed, expanded and contracted sharply after slowly.


The airbag deployment is thus discarded after putting in a sturdy plastic bag and securely sealed

Deployment in a vehicle outside


The wheel is equipped with a rope Thai after the (A) into a cross unfolded on the floor (B) Place the bottom.


Fit the air bag module / pretensioner deployment adapter (A) (0K57A-3U100A).


To secure the air bag module / pretensioner (A) to the wheels.

[Airbag module]


The airbag module is equipped with the side to be deployed facing up



The anchor pretensioner mounted towards the bottom end of the piston enforcement officers.


Raise the three tires (A) Increase the tire (B) mounted on the wheel thereon.


Using the ratcheted straps (C) to secure the tire.


After connecting the battery, connect the air bag deployment tool for (0957A-34100A) on the deployment adaptor (0K57A-3U100A)


When after connecting the battery to the airbag deployment tools for lighting POWER ON (A), press the READY (B) by pressing the DEPLOY (C) thereby deploying the airbag.


When the air bag is great visually check that the noise generated when deployed, expanded and contracted sharply after slowly.


Safely sealed into the deploying air bag in a sturdy plastic bag and then superseding

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